How to Shrink and Stretch Leather Boots – Top Ways

How to Shrink and Stretch Leather Boots

Leather shoes are breathtaking. The majority of the people love different types of leathers. Either women, or men, most of the population find leather, a cool, classy, and sassy thing. Whether wallets, purses, bags, jackets, belts, or shoes, all things are popular if they include leather.

Many people have the question – Does leather shrink? The answer is ‘YES.’ The leather is a natural material. The problem with the leather is that it always shrinks in the heat. It sounds simple, but it might be dangerous for your leather shoes, as excessive heat can crack the leather and may develop wrinkles on your shoe pair. It gets brittle. So, if you want to protect your favorite leather for the longer period, you should be extra careful.

In this article, we will help our readers to take that ‘extra’ care and give the answers of how to shrink and stretch their leather boots easily. We are aware of the price of your classy but expensive leather, and we also care about it! So we request you to follow one of the following methods carefully to get rid of the shrinking leather.

How to shrink shoes?

Solution: ‘Water and heat’ is the best therapy

First of all, take a bucket full of water. Then take out your leather shoes and submerge them into the bucket for around 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure that the pair of shoes is completely wet. Apart from heating, leather has one other natural behavior. It soaks water. So, as per that fundamental, your leather boots will absorb water.

So, apply the water in the right way. If you don’t want to dip the whole shoe;

  • Try to spray the water with the help of spray bottle, or
  • Dab your hand in the water and tap your wet fingers on the boot surface.

Adding further to it, dry the leather boots in the right way and have a lot of patience. The reason behind it is that if the pair of shoes will be dried out all by itself, that is the best way possible. But if you are running out of time, you can take help of sunlight or some heating source like the fireplace.

Extra Tips:

  • Try to avoid blower. But in the worst case, if you have to use it then do not forget to set the temperature at the minimum, and maintain an adequate distance. (At least 6 inches)
  • While spraying or taping, don’t forget the tricky areas like, around the toe or the heel, etc.
  • Buy a good leather conditioner and always apply it after all such shrinking processes. Even if you did it well, the leather surface might lose some shine and moisture. So implement it after drying.

How to stretch leather boots?

Solution: Ice it out!

Leather stretching is essential, especially when you realize that you don’t fit into your favorite leather boots anymore! If your shoes are only off by a half an inch or something, you can try this solution. You can call it the method of ‘Freezing.’

Step 1 – Starting the process, fill a plastic bag with water and squeeze out as much air as possible. Then seal it completely. You can also use the ‘freezer bag’ to reduce the risk of breaking of the bag halfway!

Step 2 – Place the bag of water in the shoe where you are having a problem. For example;

  • If you want to stretch the toe area of the boots, position the bag there. Or
  • Let’s say that you have the issue near the calf area and need to stretch there, put the scrambled newspaper balls to the downside and position the freezing bag in the area of the calf.

Step 3 – Place your boot into the freezer and let it be! At least for 8 hours, (or preferably overnight) let it sit in the freezer. Don’t worry; we are not out of our mind! The reason behind this freezer stuff is that, when the water freezes, it will expand and stretch the leather.

Step 4 – Let the ice melt before removing the bag. After pulling out the boot from the freezer, thaw the ice. When the ice melts for around 20 minutes, remove the bag and try the shoes. If they don’t fit in yet, repeat the whole procedure again.

These were the simplest solutions to shrink and stretch of the leather boots. There are some other solutions like;

  • Sewing some elastic bands on heels,
  • Stuffing of the shoes with old newspaper or sponge,
  • Applying thick soles, etc.

There are cobblers available in the market. You can also take the help of such professionals.

So, here you got some approved techniques and necessary information. These methods are straightforward and not at all costly. We hope these solutions will help you to solve your problems related to leather stretching and shrinking. Try and get better results. At last, just one small piece of advice – Have Patience When You Doing This!!!

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