How to Patch a Down Jacket: Repair it Now

how to patch a down jacket

Has your preferred down jacket ripped and the feathers are coming out of it? Don’t be depressed! Here I will discuss the guidelines regarding repairing down jackets so that you can wear your jackets for much longer time. Let’s move ahead to get acquainted with the ways regarding down jacket repair.

How to repair down jacket?

  • Duct tape – If you are looking for instant and quick fix then you can make use of duct tape but make sure it is the temporary solution and will not last long. It will only serve as the band-aid.


  • Try “Wonder Under”- You can try the product “Wonder Under” that can stand by fabric to the fabric as it works as the heat fusible fabric web. If you want to make use of this product, then first ensure that you clean misc. nylon threads. Then take a piece of Wonder Under which should be more substantial as compared to the torn area. It will serve as the patch for down jacket.

Wonder Under

You will have two sides of the Wonder Under product. One side is shiny, and the other one holds paper backing. Now iron it which will help to infuse two pieces together. After that, you can          clean the edges. Keep the side in the upward position from which you want to peel off the tape.

  • Tenacious tape – If your down jacket has the small hole, then you can proceed with adhesive tape which is cost-effective too. You should first remove dirt and oils so that tape can be applied quickly. In the rounded corner, you can cut a patch to join the repair area. The piece should be larger than the actual repair area. Now you can put on the sticky tape but make sure that you level the edges smooth and even.

Tenacious tape

By applying any one of the techniques as mentioned above, you can repair hole in down jacket and can confidently wear it. Once you patch-up the hole and get it fixed, then you can again enjoy the warmth of the jacket that will protect you from wintry weather.

Overall View

First of all, you should try to take help of duct tape or tenacious tape. You can select any of the tapes that make your repairing down jackets task easy and simple. If you don’t want to apply tape, then you can move ahead for the product known as “Wonder Under.”

Whatever practice you apply as per your convenience and requirement but make sure that you first of all clean the torn portion which is very much important in repairing the hole. You can use small scissors to clip any hanging threads or feathers rather than pulling out with the fingers which can produce more damage.

If you have decided to apply the patch, then for cleaning you can make use of Isopropyl alcohol which will help you in removing dirt and oil from the damaged area. This chemical will also help you to bond the patch with the torn area. After applying the solution, you leave the fabric so that it can dry which in turn will help you in fixing the patch.

From this post, you will come to know how to patch a down jacket efficiently. Now you can repair your down jacket on your own rather than depending on anyone.

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